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Mild gains in Equities globally ahead of BREXIT- GBPUSD up to key resistance

Mild gains in US futures on the heels of European strength, with DAX and UK leading at 0.90%+but S&P has trudged higher by only about 12 points in the last 4 days but regained about 50% of what was lost since 6/8-6/16-In general though most Global equities remain near 5 month highsMost markets still very quiet ahead of tomorrow's BREXIT vote, which shows about a 1/4 chance of UK leaving- Pound Sterling higher by around 3.3% over last few days to near key resistance, Minor gains in Copper, Zinc and industrial metals, while Gold has broken down as of yesterday under 1277, anticipating some clarity and relief of uncertainty which caused it to rise largely- Crude higher above 50, now rolling toAugust as front month contract- Treasuries fairly unchanged after Yields moved to 2 week highs in the US, while German Bund yields still inching higher at .062 bps.   Overall, breadth still quite strong in equities and momentum has improved in recent days, and does favor that once decision is resolved with BREXIT decision that equities likely move back to highs, with 2110 important, so Look to buy dips in trading with thoughts of pushing higher into tomorrow's decision and buying any pullbacks that happen after tomorrow which even on a BREXIT, would not be likely to prove long lasting and given Advance/Decline back to new high territory, should prove to be buyable- Pivot resistance today lies at 2086 for ES, then 2092, while on the downside 2074, 2068.  Early gains out of SCTY, PSTI, WGO, PCLN, UIS, PRTK and on downside- INO, QEP, ADBE, HPQ and COT-

Mild gains, but overall not much gain in the last few days, up only about 12 points in S&P, though pattern at this time remains constructive- Over 2086 would be key in allowing gains to continue

BREXIT betting odds down to about 25% per this morning, a big about face from late May when odds got up to nearly 45%

Pound Sterling has risen to near key resistance ahead of BREXIT vote- 1.48 per USD, a quick move, but still a tough area to exceed- Volatility still should remain high in the next few days, but as of now, prices are up to key levels

Bund yields still trending higher near-term, and largely have led US Yields higher in recent days ahead of BREXIT vote