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Little change ahead of FOMC release- Equities maintaining mild gains

10 mins ahead of Fed release, Market roughly at same level it was early this am.  Chances for a hike today are 0% priced in, and only 17% for JULY, with no months this year being over 50%.  Given that the Fed typically tries to prepare the market for its movement to AVOID volatility, watching Fed fund futures would seem to make sense, so the Fed does not shock the market, which would prove more detrimental at a time when they'd ideally like to hike as soon as the market is prepared.   For today, minor gains, and similar to previous days.  Volatility continues to be less in the US than Europe, on the downside and in the case of today, on the upside- Small caps and Transports outperforming, and seeing bounce in both Financials and Discretionary, 2 sectors which have broadly underperformed in the last few weeks.  Meanwhile, this year's top performing sector, Utilities, is lagging all others, down nearly 1%, with Healthcare also, as PRGO, EW, AGN, CERN, BDX all down more than 1%.   Breadth about 2.5/1 positive and areas to buy dips after FOMC lie near 2063-4 on any pullback then 2054-5 while on the upside, getting over 2074 would lead to 2082-4, an area to sell into initially-  Leading stocks today are FCX, WMB, AA, SWN, RL, VIAB, while on the downside- WFM, PRGO, EW, SCG, AGN-  Let me know if I can answer questions