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Bounce in Equities, but trend remains down- Metals trying to bottom Short-Term

Trend remains DOWN in US Equities, bounce this am has NOT gotten back over yesterday's highs, and remains in downtrend from 4/20-  While some evidence that downside might prove limited, prices have not yet gotten to support,so should be right to sell into early gains, expecting drawdown to 2026-28 or 2007 max, bottoming potentially into next week-   Bund yields starting to break, now down under .186 while TY YIELDS still positive-  Metals rebounding today after 3 straight down days,  and US Dollar index likely shows some evidence of peaking today and makes another stab at the lows into next week-  For now, counter-trend rallies in Stocks, US dollar and TNX, but near-term trend in all of these is down-  2037-9 important for today for SP Futures, then 2027-8-  On upside, 2057 important to sell, and then would need to get OVER 2069 to expect downtrend had run its course-  Favor GOLD, SILVER, EURUSD, and shorting into any early bounce in MSCC, SWKS, CAVM, ON, MRVL, MU, TER, QCOM, along with XLF-  Let me know if you have any questions


Trend remains down, and bounce this am has NOT gotten above where it needs to and pullback never reached support, so technically still looks good to fade for a final pullback into early next week

German bunds this am breaking down, while US TY YIELDS still higher but IN downtrends and also should retrace down to near 1.75 before any low is at hand.  For now, today seeing COUNTER-TREND movement in US DOLLAR, TY YIELDS and STOCKS

Gold and other metals have tried to stabilize this morning after 3 straight down days after the recent surge-  While the level of general overbought conditions heavy LONG SPEC buying and seasonality should start to favor Metals falling.. for now, its early and another stab higher looks likely into next week