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S&P breaking Friday's lows could lead to 2025-30, Dollar weakening leading bounce in Metals this morning

Economic stats from 8:15-ADP 156k v Est 195k for April- Largest miss in this report in 3 years- weakness in Medium to large business accounting for weakness- with Manufacturing accounting for most of the declines-  March revised lower-.   Overall, the trend remains short-term bearish but within 1% of Support targets @ 2026-30 for S&P ,which should hold prices into this Friday/next Monday, with a less likely chance of 2007-8 .  Most of Europe, Asia lower, while Treasuries not really showing much strength as might be expected on a larger selloff- US Dollar index flat while minor weakness again in the Metals and Crude slightly higher-   Short-term trend damage not anywhere near oversold levels on daily charts, while Intra-day charts have begun to get oversold after a 60 point Decline since mid-April-  Small caps have begun to show evidence of turning back lower after hitting resistance on their rally, while the NASDAQ has undercut SPX on relative basis and remains weaker, largely due to Technology woes and Apple- Gainers this am: ETSY, OCLR, MDVN, IMMU while on the downside- PCLN, SYRG, UA, RUBI, ILMN, NSM-  Overall, losses should prove short-lived for S&P and near-term trend damage has not affected weekly momentum or trend, with time cycles focused on this Friday/Next Monday for a possible change of trend-  Let me know if you have questions

Area near lower Bollinger would line up with early April lows, while if hit in the next 3 days, would allow for counter-trend TD BUY Setups to arise, creating a probable powerful area of near-term support to buy dips, thinking that this pullback has exhausted itself after 60 points lower from mid-April.

Metals perking up this morning, as the US Dollar has reversed back lower, so WTI Crude has extended gains, while Gold has turned positive after being lower by nearly 1%.  Upside targets for Gold into early next week lie near 1328

From a TIME perspective, the same short-term cycles which suggested 4/20 could be a possible inflection point in time also pinpoint 5/4-6, given not only Fibonacci projections from last 9/16/15 highs (233) or 12/11 (144 cal days) but a 233 Week cycle from November 2011.  When considering angle of the Circle, we see that 60 calendar days from 3/4/16, 90 days from 2/1, 135 from 12/24, 180 from 11/3, 225 from 9/15(233), 315 from 6/22 all hit in the next few days, indicating an above-average chance of a hit for this FRIDAY/next Monday for a LOW