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Trend extended after 50 point S&P bounce in 3 days- M, DIS, FOSL down premkt

Trend extended after rip in the last 3 days, S&P having gained 2.5% with meaningful snapback in Tech, Healthcare and Discretionary over the last week.   But still very much a Defensive market as Consumer Staples just hit new all-time highs yesterday- XLP,and this year's leaders remain Utilities, Telecom and Staples with 1st, 2nd and 4th best performance-  For today, most Equities lower globally, w/ 1% weakness in SX5E.  Dollar Dropping and Commodities higher-  Key for S&P will be 2070 on downside, then 2057-60, while 2080, 2088-90 on the upside-  Expect we could see some backing and filling after 50 point S&P gain in 3 days, but trend likely to resolve itself to upside given ongoing skepticism, Weekly bullish momentum and start of sector rotation back to Risk-on type sectors like Tech, Hthcare, Discret..  Metals should have another run at highs, with Dollar pullback.  Early gainers in CSIQ, KGC, MUX, BUFF, EA, FUE, KOS while on the downside- M, FOSL, DIS, SPLS, and ODP-  Both ODP and FOSL down more than 30% in prmkt-    M and DIS down to key former lows and/or trendlines that should be important to hold