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Recent CL, TNX gains likely more important than AAPL miss for SPX

Bottom line-  Trend bullish unless 2071 breached on a CLOSE for SPM6, 2078 SPX.  Buying Pre-FOMC tends to be positive to the tune of nearly 180 bps when looking out t+4 days with only 6 bp drawdown.. Last 7 of 8 occasions- (Stat from Kora Reddy)   - Meanwhile WTI Crude pressing back up to new highs should have more importance along with recent gains in Treasury yields, then Apple's miss, TWTRs guidedown for SPX, which for now, not really being reflected as many co's have beaten this am-  HLT, NOC, BSX, LLL, UTX, IP, STT, ROK, OC NDAQ, and markets in general have not cared as much about co's beating lowered expectations as much as the movement in TNX and WTI.  for now S&P only 7 points higher than levels hit 10 days ago, so very little underlying net change for the markets in 2 weeks.. but bias is positive for a move back to 2095 and over this level would be a trigger for upside acceleration, and should be watched carefully-  UNDER 2071 on a close postpones rally

Tough to make much of the near-term pattern with price being only 7 ticks above levels hit 10 trading days ago, or 2 weeks, but 2071 is the near-term Line in the sand for aggressive trading longs, while 2095 important on the upside with a bias towards testing & exceeding these levels into early May

Crude pushing back up to new highs ahead of today's DOE stats.  Continues to defy expectations with its rise as far too many are forecasting a return to the 20s vs any calling for 60-70+-  Near-term upside targets lie near 48 with 50-52 being likely max gains into mid-to-late May