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Minor stalling out, while Consensus calling for Pullback after Doha

Minor stalling out in US Equity futures ahead of this am's Empire state Manuf numbers, Indust Production, Capacity Utilization, and U of M Consumer Sentiment numbers..  with most of the World showing minor losses today-  China GDP came in 6.7%, or the slowest pace of expansion we've seen since the Financial crisis

Trends remain positive but have slowed a bit in the last day, with yesterday being the Lowest range we've seen all year of 0..46%.  Today being April expiration typically tends to show a very positive seasonal bias for this time in mid-April.  Since the early 80s bull market began in 1982, the S&P and DJIA have both advanced 23 times in 34 years on expiration day, with an average gain of approximately 0.20%. 

Overall, Most momentum has waned a bit as indices have pushed up to near last Nov/Dec highs and the Consensus seems to be for a pullback from current levels given this weekend's Doha meeting where the Russia/Saudi production freeze will be discussed, but many feel will not stem the Supply whatsoever,   So many feeling this rally in both stocks and oil should be due to reverse.

Overall, trends remain positive on a daily, weekly basis with Advance/Decline having pushed up to new highs while sentiment still hasn't reached levels coinciding with Market peaks in the past, judging by Equity Put/call ratios and only small edge in bulls vs bears in most sentiment polls.  Key upside resistance lies near 2090-5 for S&P Futs, while prices would need to get under 2060 at a minimum to argue for a larger drawdown-  charts of S&P below

S&P has shown minor drawdown, but nothing serious.. Pullbacks should find strong support near 2060, 2045 while 2081 on upside then 2090-5 important

EuroSTOXX has made progress in recent days.  Pullbacks should be buyable for further gains in the weeks ahead up to 3300