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Short-term Negative, as part of Bullish view into May- Snapback shouldn't change picture

Thursday's early weakness was fairly telling, and despite the snapback to near unchanged, the SPX, DJIA , NDX and RTY all closed down on the week, while Financials suffered a fairly telling break of the uptrend from mid-February (Equal-weighted Financials) This should cause further underperformance in this group, which given the representation in the SPX, could cause headwinds for gains in the short run.  Treasury yields remain mostly mixed, while USDJPY finished up above 112.50, not really all that negative for either, and WTI also held an area of trendline support from mid-February and bounced a good $1 off early lows.  Yet the momentum damage caused by a 30 point S&P drop from Tuesday's highs resulted in the first hourly oversold conditions we'd seen in over a week, while RSI on a 4-hour basis dropped to levels we haven't seen since late February.  Thus, bounces "should" be chances to sell for trading purposes and think that movement lower can occur next week.  Risk/reward is better than its been in three weeks to attempt to sell into rallies with stops near prior highs, thinking that a 38-50% pullback can happen in this trend before additional gains occur.  However, it's worth mentioning that the period between now and May remains positive and any drawdown from here should prove short-lived.  Therefore, how one plays a pullback depends on the time horizon, whether to wait it out, and just buy dips, or attempt to profit from any correction in the next week.   Prices into the close finished at the exact 10-day moving average that was going to be used as a gauge for trend breaks, yet the downward pull on momentum combined with the fact that prices had reached extremes in breadth readings recently could allow for the long awaited "backing and filling"     So heading into next week,  selling here with stops at 204.31 on Half and 205.15 on balance, looking for a move down to 197.35 makes sense from a risk/reward perspective, given Time, momentum, and Financial weakness