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Short-term Pattern still constructive into Europe's close- 2044 impt

Into Europe's close, US indices remain near the Unchanged line, but patterns remain constructive for a possible push back up to new high territory- See the 5 min chart above with very little signs of any damage, even with 2 separate pullback attempts--Fed Gov-Lockhart comments saying that 2% inflation is possible in medium term and that Full employment is near-  He also went on to say that April remains very much on the table.. echoing what SF Fed president Williams said just last week-  and both Williams and Lockhart are very much centrists..  For now, Telecom, healthcare leading while both Energy and Materials both decidedly negative, but with regards to the near-term pattern in S&P June futures-   2031 important as support while 2044 important as resistance, but pattern taking the shape of a possible Cup and Handle pattern that likely will be resolved by a move to the upside