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All Quiet ahead of FOMC with Bullish bias

Minor consolidation ahead of FOMC, where no decision is likely and given no Press conference next month, likely won't happen until JUNE, and that 's IF the market and economy hold up into this period-   S&P in range between 2012  and 1995 and given no surprise, one should use dips to the lows of this pattern to buy and likewise near the highs to sell, with a bias towards prices moving up through recent highs-  Treasury yields pushed up to prior highs just south of 2% and were set to make a new daily closing high which on a close over 1.98 would drive yields up to 2.05 and be GOOD for Financials-   Overall, trend Bullish and until/unless 1995 breached on a CLOSE, which would violate 10-day ma and trend from mid-FEB-  Trend remains positive and bullish breadth is a larger positive than negativity of Defensively led rally, short covering and low volume.  participation seems to be broadening out  with Technology and discretionary providing majority of Strength, and Financials SHOULD join the fray absent any negative FOMC news-  For now, insufficient technical damage to fade the rally based on underperformance in Small caps alone as sentiment remains quite subdued- Let me know if you have questions on individual issues where i can help