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5 Key Takeaways from the AAPTA conference down in Jupiter, Florida 3/11-12

1) Much more Urgency in the 1st Hour of Trading nowadays, accounting for nearly 65% of the Daily range, vs 45-50% around 15 years ago


2) Against Popular Belief, Algos might increase noise,but really haven't had impact on exacerbating Volatility-Trend Following and Counter-trend offset


3) When % of overall Stocks that are DOWN >20% from 52-wk Highs exceeds 60% of total, it's been rare to NOT have Bear mkt, only few occasions in the early 80s and those times we DIDN'T see any negative Divergence in the Advance/Decline like we have in this market from 2013-2015-   Percentage now cracked above 70% in January, currently sits near 50%


4) Coppock Curve turning over to an official SELL, down BELOW 0 marked Bear markets of both 2000, and 2007 and just turned Negative in Jan 16


5) Of the Top 20 Breadth Momentum Peaks since the 70's- 5 of these happened in the month of March 2016 already using this practitioners Model