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Pre- ECB- Equities holding Futures gains from last night

3/10/16-   7:30- am -- Bullish movement in S&P to near the highs of the range ahead of ECB announcement, but prices remain rangebound and while over 1994 is initially a good sign, we'll neeed to close here and really get back over 2007-8 which is the key area to sell into for trading purposes after the announcement-   TNX not following suit right now and Yields down and Crude DOWN.. two things which traditionally have correlated strongly positive with SPX  and Draghis comments, if NOT as severe compared to expectations.. would have a big impact on the EURUSD which in turn should affect Gold-  in any event.  TREND RANGEBOUND right now for SP so 1990 initial support to buy then 1978 as more important to hold by end of day. while 2007-8 on upside-