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Reversal from Sunday evening losses in EUR/USD, TNX, & SPX points higher

A complete Reversal overnight from Sunday evening, as early Equity losses along with Treasury gains were recouped along with US Dollar gains after the Euro had pulled back to new 20yr lows before making an abrupt About-face.. Near-term, there were reasons to expect that our recent pullback last week very well could prove short-term when considering the ongoing bullish structure along with positive seasonality as markets entered December.   S&P gained about 20 handles from overnight lows to make an Engulfing pattern over the last couple trading days at current levels and a close here would argue for additional strength up to challenge former highs near 2213-  For now, a tough spot to do much coming into Monday given that prices are well off earlier lows while still below late Nov highs, and the range spans from 2179 on the downside which will be important, up to 2213-  Key in the days ahead will be the ability of Treasury yields to not show much signs of trend reversal which would cause Financials to turn back negative while allowing Technology to rebound and join industrials in all moving up in unison-  While selectivity is important in Financials, and industrials.. along with Energy given last week's surge, there are far better risk/rewards in Tech and Healthcare that look interesting for the final four weeks of the year-  Early Pre-mkt gainers in FRP, CEMP, FCAU, ORBK, CHK, SWN while on the downside- HDSN, ETP-  Let me know if you have any questions