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Consolidation should lead to higher prices in the week ahead

Minor drawdown in US futures in the last hour after literally very little price action overnight, but just fractionally negative while most of Europe is trading Mixed, and Asia finished down, with China's Shanghai Comp closing down nearly 1%.  Little net change in US Dollar, Treasury yields, while Gold showing mild gains and WTI Crude small losses this am.  With today being the final day ahead of the long holiday weekend, Prices in Equities the US Dollar as well as Treasury yields are all range-bound with no convincing evidence yet of any pullback to relieve overbought conditions.  In Europe, stocks off early lows after Deutsche bank settled mortgage probes while Mote dei Paschi is set to receive state aid which could be somewhat of a relief to European financials.  For now, little net change in SX7P the European Bank index, after a sharp rise similar to indices, since November-  For today.  S&P will have important support on declines near yesterday's lows at 2251 and then 2242, while on upside-2261-2 then 2265-6-  Early gainers in DPRX, GSAT, SGYP, FRED< GME, PGNX, while on downside : LMT, CTAS, and ALV-  Bottom line-  Look to buy into this early weakness and expect move up to test and exceed 2261 into the close which should continue in next week's shortened week-  Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to all-  Let me know if you have any questions