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Global selling continues with MSCI world index at new 4-month lows

Selling continues, with MSCI all-world index moving down to new 4-month lows and most of Europe is set to have the worst week since February..  Bonds seem to have halted their recent decline globally and are set to show their best weekly returns since July.  Most Yields have stalled out given potential safe haven demand with stocks falling-  Fed Fund futures now show a 78% chance  of a rate hike , up from 69% at the end of last week-  Overall, there is increasing signs that a trading low should be right around the corner, and many Demark indicators suggest that the next 2-3 days should be important in that regard, while many cycles show a turn for 12/5-9-   For today-  2075-6 has initial importance as support and then 2068, with larger support for early next week down at 2050 which would be an excellent buying opportunity and/or area to cover shorts for traders- Resistance lies at 2094 while PIVOT points for Friday lie at 2087-  The trend remains lower and still tough to suggest that lows are here, though selloffs into the Election Tuesday should be used initially to buy, thinking that a relief rally can happen after nearly 9 straight down days-   early movers: FEYE, TWLO, TRUE, HDP, EXEL, AAOI, LGF, MELI while on downside-  GPRO, FLR, CLNE, LOCO, MNST, MDCA-  let me know if you have questions

No evidence yet of any low at hand and pullbacks under yesterday's lows likely at 2179 that leads down to 2068-70 or a max near 2050 into early next week