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Mean Reversion has gotten underway w/ Energy, Fins weakening, Utes, REITS bouncing

Roughly 90 mins ahead of the open, ahead of today's GDP readings,   Mild gains for US futures, most of Europe and Asia are mixed.. Little change in USD though higher vs Yen as this trend hasn't reversed meaningfully, while Crude and Gold falling and US Treasury yields bouncing a bit-  TNX along with Equities showing more of a slowdown than any real reversal in US and signs of bottoming near-term for German Bund yields.  Looking at yesterday's action, an About-face for Small-caps with Russell breaking its string of 15 straight UP days, while TRAN and Financials showed signs of weakening w/ a drop to multi--day lows for XLF along with SX7P in Europe for Europ Banks-  For now, still more signs of churning and near-term weakness than thinking that S&P gets back to highs, but monitoring 2209 for Futures while 2186-92 important as support with breaks leading to a more meaningful pullback to near 2165-  Most of the Drop likely will be conditional on Financials , industrials and Tech all turning down in unison, and for now, still more mixed in the short run-  Style wise- important to mention the degree that Value has outperformed Growth substantially in the last few weeks and broken out on long-term charts which seems to favor Value making a comeback this year after a multi-year decline in Value-  Overall, right to be selective as trend has showed a few signs of stalling and can allow for a bit of decline in the next week to consolidate gains-  early movers in CYTR, TIF, P, ZTO, MNK TIVO, while on downside- NVLS, AKS, TCBI, SITE, X-  Let me know if you have any questions

Some flattening out in the S&P trend in the last couple days, and some minor evidence of stalling, though under 2198 will allow for a larger pullback to 2186 then 2165