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Upside for Stocks looks limited along with DXY, TNX in short run

gm- US Futures are fractionally negative with early morning attempts to exceed yesterday's highs being immediately reversed. with mild losses in Europe and Asia having closed lower.  Yields higher in Japan-JGB 10s up above 3bp, & UK, Swiss, while both US and German yields showing evidence of slowing and reversing off earlier highs-  (TNX hit 2.34 before pulling back to 2.28) while Dollar shows small losses & Gold sells off back to multi-day lows.  Most of the world is set to record the worst couple weeks of bond selling that's been seen in years, while the US Dollar's gains are setting multi-year records of its own with upside gains-  Equities look to be at levels where they should stall out in the short run, and both SPX and NAZ Comp are up against strong levels of resistance while recording signs of upside exhaustion (Demark) just at a time when sentiment has started to turn more positive as most expect smooth sailing into an end of year Dec rate hike which is nearly 100% priced into the market at this point.  For now, expect that both Financials and Industrials could face limited upside and possible selling pressure/consolidation in the next couple weeks and that if there's any area to pick spots to sell into this move for Equities given the run of late, this looks like a decent risk/reward to do so-   Upside has resistance near 2186, then 2192-4, while PIVOT support lies at 2180 and then initial support 2175-6-  early movers in MRVL, PIP, CRM, FCEL, ALBO, ROST, SCYX, SHIP while on downside- KTOS, GPS, EMES, RGC, HIBB-  Let me know if I can answer questions