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S&P futures briefly move to new all-time highs, while US Dollar hits 13-yr highs

gm-  S&P moved all the way up to 2185 into last night before reversing 16 handles from the highs, but pattern still very much constructive, and meaningful support to buy down at 2164-6-  The US Dollar index has pressed higher up above 100 within striking distance of last year's highs, but at a closing basis here would constitute new 13-year highs.. Meanwhile Treasury yields also continue their upward ascent.. with Yields now over 2.27, challenging Monday's highs but momentum starting to really drop and should translate into upside being limited for TNX in the next few days before a pullback down to near 2% gets underway- Key to note is the degree of sector rotation, as Financials and Industrials should have a difficult time making too much headway from here after getting extremely overbought back at multi-month highs, while Tech should begin to turn back higher, and some evidence of that yesterday- but important that Breadth should begin to trend back higher meaningfully, and we have seen Advance/Decline start to rally back in the last week and make some meaningful headway, which is a better sign technically for stocks- Both Gold and Crude look vulnerable in the short run, and the bounce in Utilites, Real estate stocks should be a chance to sell into these in the near-term.   Favor Healthcare through Biotech, Semis in Technology, and look to buy dips in Transports- For today..  S&P closer to initial support 2164-6 while resistance 2185-6-  Key movers this am: RPRX, ORIG, TGT, JKS, YRD, ACRES, while on downside- LOW, VSAT, NE, and LNTH-  Let me know if I can answer any questions