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Expect TY Yield bounce has gotten ahead of itself; Look to buy QQQ v IWM

Mkt has bounced a bit off early lows.. still fractionally negative but the big news is the extent to which TRAN and IWM continue to see sharp gains.  while NASDAQ weakens.   US Dollar and TY YIELD strength ongoing  but 10yr back down to 2.20 after testing this 2.25-6 level twice thus far this am, and definitely quite stretched.. so would expect upside is limited here and could affect Financials negatively-  For now though, no meaningful signs of any market pullback.. even this am's weakness has NOT gotten under last Friday's lows.. while advance/decline is mildly POSITIVE today despite down tape.. with nearly 2/1 volume into UP v DOWN stocks.    Financials along with industrials reaching good risk/reward areas to consider selling, while the Tech weakness is approaching an area to buy.  Ratios of IWM/QQQ show this to be ideal from a short-term trading to reverse this sharp move within next couple days so Selling into IWM by Wed and expecting some backing and filling while QQQ lifts would make sense.  Emerging mkt weakness continues to be the theme with rising USD and TY YIELDS while Commodity indices like the old CRB- CCI index, has violated lows of the last few months, reaching levels last seen in Late May-  For this afternoon, unless S&P gets UNDER 2147 there's not much to worry about regarding declines.  while OVER 2174 would be quite constructive-  Leading stocks today revolve around HAR, SWN, DISCA, ALXN, WFM, RF, BBBY, SNI, KMX all higher by 5% or more.. while TDG, V, KORS, AMT, MDT, ALB, mA, EW, TRIP lower by 3% or greater.  Let me know if you have questions