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US Dollar rip, Bond yield surge continuing to start the week

Both US Futures and Europe showing mild gains this am but down off early highs (SP 12 points lower from earlier highs)  while most of Asia finished mixed, though with outsized gains from NKY following USDJPY's rise as US Dollar's followthrough this am has reached the highest levels since January and now within striking distance of last Nov highs-  TY Yields also rocketing higher today with Bund yields up nearly 20% to .367 bps, UK Gilts to 1.44% and 10yr TY yielding 2.24%.  TNX has now gained 50 bps in the last 3 trading days including this am's action, very overdone but a structurally significant move and momentum has picked up - Resistance in yields near 2.30%.  So important this Monday to see the extent of the US Dollar gains along with Yields, both showing sharp gains.. while most Equities are muted.  This should have positive implications for Financials for another 1-2 days though getting very stretched and better initially to sell into today's gains vs initiating new longs..  Utilities, Telecomm, REITS along with EM should all face selling pressure, as should commodities.  WTI CRUDE down to lowest since early Aug this am, extending losses further-  Gold, Silver had gotten overdone to the downside late last week, but today's move could put even more near-term selling pressure on the Metals.  Copper has managed to duck the trend, but very stretched and unlikely to have much near-term upside from here-   Gainers this am- HAR, OCUL, EBIO, MENT, PTCT, X, CRBP..  While DGII, CDNS, SCLN all higher post mkt Friday and could gain today-  On the downside-  DVAX, MNKD, FCAU.  Key area to sell into for S&P near 2182, then 2193-6..  PIVOT For today near 2160.. but no real support until 2148-9-  Let me know if you have any questions