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SPX set to close down ~2% for October, yet less than 3% off all-time highs

Final day of October, Equities stand to finish down roughly 2% for the month, the 3rd straight DOWN month, yet are within 3% of all-time highs set back in August-  For today, Equity futures remain largely flat after backing off from overnight highs near 2130, while most of Europe remains negative by 0.50% and Asia finished lower- US Dollar is higher today, largely vs Euro and Yen while both Crude and Gold are showing minor losses this am- Treasuries meanwhile are rallying as yields have largely fallen into the same consolidation that's hampered progress in Equities in the last few weeks and last few months for that matter.   Overall,  the near-term trend remains negatively sloped from 10/25 with a steeper descent from last Thursday's highs-   This morning's Weekly technical perspective breaks down the performance in Smallcaps vs SPX to show the recent damage, while NASDAQ has stalled out vs SPX so some evidence of stabilization and breadth improvement will be necessary to expect any kind of rally.  If last Friday's mid-day plunge was any guide, the market remains nervous and uncertain, yet no real evidence of fear-  Key areas today for traders lie near 2130, then 2135 with movement up above 2150 necessary to improve this pattern.  Likewise.. on the downside-  Friday's lows near 2112-3 are the first range pivot and should prove important for pullbacks.  early gainers out of LVLT, BHI, OMER, while on the downside- NKE, CTL, MEOH.. Let me know if you have any questions

S&P Futures HOURLY chart shown below-  Structure remains bearish near-term