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S&P up to highs of recent range to start last week of October

gm-  Bounce in S&P futures has taken prices back to the top of the recent range, with 2147 important, and over leading to 2155, a larger line in the Sand with regards to this pattern-  Most of Europe higher by 0.50-1%- Fractional losses in WTI, and US Dollar this am, but Treasuries are largely unchanged.  With 6 more trading days left in the month S&P is set to record its 3rd monthly loss, with S&P down 1.25%, yet is only 2.5% off all-time highs, so a very mild consolidation in the last few months, but for now, the pattern has not improved enough to expect this rangebound trading and the distribution from August has run its course.   For today, as mentioned above this area at 2147 important while 2142 key on the downside with last Friday's 2123 lows being the new level that will be significant on the downside-  This am's early gainers: BEAV, CRBP, AGEN, while on downside- VFC, ARIA, TDW and BCC-   Let me know if you have any questions


Despite a very good bounce off the lows to start the week, still a difficult area for S&P and insufficient proof and key areas to watch carefully are 2147, then 2155 on the upside, while 2123 important as support