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Minor bounce doesn't change SPX structure- Discretionary weakening

Minor bounce today, which has gotten up above yesterday's highs, but still well below areas that were hit last Friday when the S&P reversed.  S&P futures still higher by 0.50% while most of Europe up 1% while both WTI and Gold are marginally higher.. Similar to yesterday, not much movement in either US Dollar ,nor Treasury yields both of which had big moves over the last few weeks and have stalled-  Overall, Cons Discretionary breaking down below trendline support on XLY and even Equal-weighted Cons Discretionary which doesn't include heavy weightings on HD, AMZN showing weakness, so at 12% of S&P this is another minor concern of another sector starting to weaken materially and breakdown to new weekly and/or monthly lows, with RETAIL ETF moving to lowest levels in weeks.  Overall, S&P broke down to near Sept lows, momentum turned negative.. we consolidated for a few days and now it's attempting to bounce-  Technically it's tough to put much stock in a lengthy rally just yet, given we're in a seasonally bearish time where many cycles point to 10/26-7 as having importance and until we see some stabilization in the sectors, or an increase in stocks making new highs and see some breadth acceleration on this bounce, the trend remains to the downside and rallies like today are likely to encounter strong resistance.  For today, area at 2136-7 has importance, and then 2149-50.  Stocks moving in early trade: Positive: NFLX, FCX, RECN, ACUR, TACO, ATNM, GIG, MTG, CXW, UNH.. while on downside: IBM, OAS, CTRV-