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Industrials, Healthcare moving up towards highs importnat to take note of

2.5 hours remaining..  S&P remains near highs of the day..most of Europe managed to close higher by .60-.70%.  and breadth right now is showing 4.5/1 positive ..  5 sectors right now are showing gains of more than 1%.. with Industrials, and Financials leading.   Financials are definitely key to this mkt moving up. for now the yield bounce is encouraging, but will need to see a bit more to have conviction as S&P prices are right near the prior 2 weeks LOWS.  At current levels we still stand to confirm TD SEQ sells for IWM on weekly basis and small caps have arguably violated trends vs SPX.. while transports haven't acted well-  Both of these groups are hanging in there today..  and other groups like Industrials and Healthcare have rallied with prices within striking distance of important pattern highs.   67 for XLI  and 77 for XLV   .  At current levels for S&P..  its right to take a stab at selling into this for trading between now and end of day with areas near 2390 important for stops..  but prices have gotten very stretched on hourly charts in a short period of time.   The rally IS indeed a positive when looking at various sectors and strength. but the market might still have a tough time racing right back to the highs after just 1 day down given some of the damage that was done which arguably has NOT been all recouped.   While i didn't expect the degree of this rally and thought we could see a retest.  its also tough to get long here intra-day with 2 hrs remaining.  -  We'll wait until end of day closes happen before weighing in too bullish. and for now, its right to trade this move