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S&P has taken out highs of the last two days pre-open

GM..  will be on CNBC today 3:30-3:40.. and BNN out of Canada 2:20 pm, live from the NASDAQ-Equity indices and US Futures showing some continued resilience following recent stalling out with S&P JUST getting above highs of the last couple days just in the last hour..  A bullish sign near-term above 2264 and points to 2272, 2279 while Europe rises to new highs for the year-  Gold down 11 today challenging key 1124 and should be avoided until 1100 or below which would signal buys into year-end.. though MORE attractive relatively speaking vs Copper-  Rates inching back higher and a moderate climb in the US Dollar index this am with more than 1% higher vs Yen-  Overall looks increasingly likely that indices will attempt to push higher into year end before any stall out.. and Technology and Financials are two important pieces to this puzzle.  XLK, QQQ reversed where it needed to yesterday and outperformed.. and Tech rally should be able to carry broader mkt higher and provide at least a temporary Tailwind-  Emerging mkts should be avoided.. and EEM is an attractive technical short.. while playing UUP, EUO might be ways to look at playing the rising USD-   So for today.. unless S&P Futures reverses and moves back UNDER 2264.. the trend is bullish and the lift to multi-day highs from an hour ago looks to continue-  Key early am gainers: ACAD, CNAT, AMD, KOS, while on downside- WOR, SCMP, GIS-  Let me know if I can answer any questions